illinois map bureau co starOFFICERS

Barry Welbers, President
Lisa Clinton, Vice President
Francis Butch Torri, Treasurer
Julie Eilers, Secretary


Betsy Klopcic
Sue Wagner
Heather McCutcheon
Dan Hoffert

Volunteer individuals are appointed by the officiating city council to represent the communities and townships of: Spring Valley, Ladd, Dalzell, Depue, Cherry, Hollowayville, Seatonville, Arlington, Hall Township, and Selby Township. Members from each community are elected as board members. The board members meet each month to review daily operations and make decisions on short and long term objectives that will benefit residents of their community and township. The board members fulfill certain responsibilities as a volunteer representative for a not-for-profit organization. These responsibilities are an integral requirement for charitable organizations and are administrated by the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

1. Be Active
2. Receive no material profit
3. Avoid conflicts of interest
4. Exercise judgment in overseeing the organization's affairs
5. Comply with applicable governmental regulations